Maui Roller Girls  are happy to announce our acceptance into the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association’s Apprentice Program. We were one of only eleven teams worldwide that were accepted in this round.

This could not have happened without the love and support of:

All of our present and former members, including the lady who started Roller Derby in Hawaii – Killah Kelly
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Maui Pacific Solar
Joyce Chin Photography
Our Hawaii Roller Derby Ohana
Waimea Wranglers
Paradise Roller Girls
Pacific Roller Derby
Garden Isle Renegade Rollerz
Echo city Knock-Outs
Most of all, we send all of our aloha out to Ivanna S. Spanking, Trish the Dish and the SoCal Derby League, whose support since our humble beginnings and amazing letter of recommendation played a big part in this first step to becoming a full-fledged member of WFTDA.
As we start our journey towards becoming a full member league, we are ready to put in the work that it will take to get there. What WFTDA membership means for our fans is more derby both on and off island, and we look forward to welcoming teams from around the world to our beautiful home – Maui No Ka Oi!

Adventure Time - when practice get rained out on one side of the valley we are trying to make the most of it. Skate parks offer a change from our normal grind and make you explore what your capable of when the track is not flat. ... see more...

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Maui Roller GirlsOooh never saw these! 🤓

16 hours ago

Nun YaI will be on Maui at the end of July and would love to skate the park with u guys

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Man Crush Monday - All of Men's Roller Derby!!! so excited for Roller Con when we get to play with some of these amazing men. Did you know Men's Roller Derby was a thing? Consider yourself informed! #mcm #rollerderby #MRDA ... see more...

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POP! Designs & Creations, LLC
HAPPY MONDAY!!!! Have a unicorn filled week! After a great practice yesterday I know we will! #happymonday #unicorns
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Can't wait for the parade!! #conradtheunicorn #betallatex #paradepromotionsprofits #ballooncoachjoette #balloonsbytommy #icballoons #ChadJohnson #anasballooncreations #lisamctwister

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Maca Apulina YevenesMakita Campos Muñoz me haces dos de estos trajes para mi cumpleaños xfa

2 days ago

Kenzie BuchholzStacy Lopez this is 100% reminding me of you!

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Angela Roper SealeThat is amazing

2 days ago

Melissa ZuluetaGarret BrownGloria Bobian-ZuluetaMark ZuluetaCarina Belton- I need me one of these and then get really drunk!!! Lol!

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Stretch out Sundays - Booty Quake from Roller Derby Athletics gives us a great stretch out for after derby practice. Always make sure you stretch after practice it will keep your muscles from going crazy for the next week. ... see more...

Incorporating flexibility training into your regular routine is a prime way to keep all the gears oiled and running smoothly. That’s why I’m sharing my Quick...

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Love Sport
As much as we hate doing anything with out skates on off skates training is an important cross training tool. Many complicated footwork moves can be started with out skates on to build the muscle memory for when you put your skates on and try it.
... see more...

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HAWAII Magazine
ALOHA FRIDAY! planning a trip to Hawaii? Eat all these foods and then skate it off with a visit to your favorite Hawaiian derby team every county has at least one team - Hawaii (aka the big island) Paradise Roller Girls Waimea Wranglers Rough Rollers Echo City Knockouts Maui - Us of course and Maui Meaniehune Junior Roller DerbyOahu Hawaii Pacific Roller Derby - Kauai Garden Island Renegade Rollerz, Inc.
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Happy National Hawaiian Foods Week! Good luck deciding on your next meal.

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Friday Food - Can someone please make these for the next derby party? They are so cute! Nom nom nom
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Mini Octopus Corn Dogs Full recipe:

Maui Roller Girls shared Victorian Roller Derby League's What really happens at Jammer Club.

Victorian Roller Derby League
The Victorian Roller Derby League knows how to train some amazing jammers - and we want in on these Shenanigans!
... see more...

Ever wondered how our jammers are so skilled? Have a sneak peak inside our training.

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